Educational webinars for patients entitled as “Love Your Bones” and “You Ask, We Answer!”

The Butterfly Bone Health Society organized several educational webinars aimed to spread awareness about the OSTEOME research project among the public. More than 1000 patients with musculoskeletal disorders from across Greece were able to participate in these informative sessions.

Throughout the webinar lectures, distinguished speakers and representatives of the Butterfly Bone Health Society thoroughly explored the topic of the microbiome and prebiotics. A lively dialogue emerged between experts and the audience, allowing patients to receive all the latest information about the role of the microbiome and to express their participation in the study.

The speakers who led these educational webinars were:

  • Mr. Panagiotis Zoumpoulakis, Associate Professorand Project Coordinator 
  • Dr. Efstathios Chronopoulos, Associate Professor and the Project Scientific Officer,  
  • Dr. George Trovas, Endocrinologist overseeing clinical interventions, and  
  • Mrs. Memi Tsekoura, President of the Panhellenic Skeletal Health Association “PETALOUDA”