Tatiana Drakopoulou

Butterfly, Skeletal Health Association is a non-profit association, the only one officially recognized by the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF). It is addressed to the public and its main goal is to inform about skeletal health, diet, exercise, psychology, prevention and treatment of diseases related to it. Until now, the Association has developed active action and work both within the borders of Attica and throughout Greece. It has a very important project to highlight in the field of prevention since over 24,000 free osteoporosis/scoliosis measurements have been performed throughout Greece. The Butterfly has won first place for its outstanding course, among 186 countries, at the World Congress held in Miami in the United States in December 2007 as well as the 1st prize among 212 countries for the creation of the best publicity campaign (Best Media Campaign). , Finland, 2013).