Participation of the National Hellenic Research Foundation in the IMA-2023 Conference

From September 17th to 20th, members of the research team of the NHRF participated in the 13th International Conference “Instrumental Methods of Analysis” (IMA-2023) in Chania. The international conference on analytical chemistry (IMA) is a biennial series of conferences that started in 1999, covering all areas of Analytical Chemistry and applications in a wide range of scientific disciplines, including environmental, food, pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, forensics, and archaeometry. Throughout the previous IMA meetings, numerous leading analytical chemists from Europe, North and South America, and other continents have presented their research, making this conference a rich source of communication on timely issues in all fields of Instrumental Methods of Analysis.

At IMA-2023, Mr. Konstantinos Tsiantas presented his methodology and work in the OSTEOME project through a poster presentation. Specifically, he introduced the methodology for a holistic analysis of the gut microbiota, aiming to discover and validate biomarkers from osteoporotic patients.